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Upvote for Slack helps you
crowdsource and vote ideas.

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Create Polls in Slack

Create and share polls in Slack with zero effort.

Use App Home, Slack Shortcuts or /upvote poll command to create a Quick poll in any Slack channel.

Your team members will then be able to vote in Slack directly.

Hear your team’s thoughts with Quick Polls

Set up a poll in a few clicks. Let your team vote.

Decide a meeting time, get 1-5 feedback on your presentation, RSVP for an event, where to go for team lunch...

Grid View shows you neatly who voted for each option.

Check Pulse with Recurring Polls

Set up a one-time or recurring schedule.

πŸ₯Έ Use anonymous polls to encourage participation

Track responses over time. Export results for custom analysis and presentation.

Analyze, Track & Present

Use the web dashboard to look at your poll through different views.

Dig into poll results to get useful insights.

Ready-made charts for you to share & present.

Customize before publishing

Make an anonymous poll or limit number of votes per person

Use custom emojis on upvote buttons to jazz up your polls πŸ₯¦ πŸš€ πŸ‘

Collect and vote on ideas with Open Polls

Use Open Polls to let your teammates propose ideas, questions, meeting topics, etc.

Use Cases for Open Polls


Call for ideas from your team and have them upvote the best ones. Use anonymous polls to avoid biased upvotes.

Collect AMA questions

Use upvotes to select the most important questions. Use anonymous polls to encourage participation.

Prioritize meeting topics

Have a retrospective coming up? Survey your teammates for topics, vote for the most important points for discussion.

Why use Upvote?

Slack Native

Zero setup time. Add Slack start right away. Your team is already there, so no onboarding needed.


Built with a single purpose in mind, optimized to run inside Slack.


Boost your team engagement with quick polls, use custom emoji to spice it up.

Pricing Plans

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Price per month (for entire Slack workspace)
Billed every 30 days. Cancel anytime.
$0.00/mo $19.00/mo $49.00/mo
Unlimited number of polls
Custom upvote emojis
Monthly vote limit 25 800 ∞ Unlimited
Max. choices per Quick Poll 5 10 ∞ Unlimited
Max. choices per Open Poll 5 20 ∞ Unlimited
Anonymous polls
Single vote per person setting
Poll scheduling
Max. recurring polls 1 10 ∞ Unlimited
Export to XLSX